Porfolio - listed and historic buildings

Having been in practice since 1991, expertise has been gained in the refurbishment of historic buildings, being responsible for work on many listed buildings. Examples include:

The renovation of a 17th c. thatched farmhouse
The renovation of a Georgian farmhouse in Carmarthenshire
The renovation of a neglected Georgian mansion in Ceredigion
The renovation of listed farm buildings
The supervision of works to restore a 15th c. thatched farmhouse

Renovation of a Grade II* Listed Georgian mansion

This house stood empty for a number of years. It has 14 rooms on four floors, without taking into account two annexes. The left hand annexe was separated from the main house to form a three-bedroomed cottage. Originally, the right hand annexe housed the family chapel.

Renovation of Grade II* Listed farmhouse

Parts of this thatched farmhouse originate from the Middle Ages, and many of the features from that period are preserved.

Renovation of Grade II* Listed farmhouse

After standing empty for a number of years, this house had to be virtually completely re-built. The original thatched roof had been covered by corrugated iron sheeting and, after their removal, it was completely renovated. During demolition, some historic wall paintings were discovered, and these were subsequently preserved and renovated.

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