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Portfolio - residential buildings

House in Ffosyffin

This is a concept sketch for a house that eventually did not go ahead. The design combines traditional elements with a more contemporary theme. The sale of the land fell through and thus the project did not proceed.

Extension to a house in Lledrod

This house had remained unchanged for decades, and in dire need of modernisation. An extra bedroom for a child was also required, and since the headroom in the rear part was low, it was decided that an extension in this area was the best solution. The existing footprint needed to be enlarged as well, in order to give the most useful floor area, and so the floor is cantilevered over the wall below. This modern extension does not detract from the majesty of the original house at all.

Extension to a house in Aberaeron

The land was bought with Planning Permission already on it for a Georgian style house. There was no way of enjoying sea views, however, despite its location on the sea edge. The client wished to be able to see the sea and to enjoy the sea breeze. An extension was built with doors that can open to link the room with the balcony.

House in Penuwch

The client’s wishes were to have a traditional looking house to replace an old ruined farmhouse which stood on the site. As there was very little of the original house left standing, it was decided to demolish the ruin to make way for the new house. The idea behind the design is to reflect a tradition stemming from early in the twentieth century, of extending an old house using a timber frame and corrugated iron cladding. At the time it was an affordable way to extend, or even to build from new. At the rear, the timber frame was clad in timber boarding.

New house in Ystrad Aeron

The client wanted to have a traditional-looking home, but also with ‘interesting’ elements. The brief was for quite a number of rooms and, to avoid the house ending up looking big, a number of more traditionally proportioned sections were designed. A porch was added around the front door to reflect the one which they had on their existing home.

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